View Full Version : What sort of enemies should Lara face in the reboot?

2nd Jan 2011, 09:32
List them all, as many as possible.

I'ld love to see Lara take on some dinosaurs, that would be awesome!

Also, I was just watching a doco on a crab twice the size of my foot which roves over tropical islands at night in groups. That would be a really creepy and cool thing for Lara to face.

Besides that and the madman, traps and puzzles thing we saw in the recently released preview it would also be cool to see some bounty hunters try and kidnap Lara which she needs to fight off.

6th Jan 2011, 01:16
mummies, skeletons, bats, crocodiles, and dinosaurs xD

13th Jan 2011, 10:35
Ghosts, evils & demons

13th Jan 2011, 10:56
The Big Deal is RE-INVENTION. I really loved TRUnderworld but it kinda freak me out the demons stuff and that sort of things. I also think that Tomb Raider is about the "real" world in a videogame [ruins,statues,etc]... I'm really excited to know that It'll be a new game of this sexy character buy I hope we can see the Tomb Raider's origins.


13th Jan 2011, 11:04
and about the question:

13th Jan 2011, 11:44
People and animals , maybe demons too :rolleyes:

13th Jan 2011, 18:10
As long as its not just mercenaries like in Legend it should be ok :P

13th Jan 2011, 18:13
Unique ones. I would love if instead of recycling enemies in one level after another each combat encounter in Tomb Raider would be a mini-boss, unique. No hordes of same-looking (retextured) enemy models thrown at you, making the game feel like uninspired shooter. Combat in TR should not be very frequent, but when it happens, it should be top-notch hence my idea of each combat encounter being unique/mini-boss.

13th Jan 2011, 18:46
Humans, animals, undead stuff and a T-Rex. :D

13th Jan 2011, 20:22
As long as there are more than 3 varieties, and if there are people then at least alter their animations a little and change clothing, perhaps build to make it feel less like a copy and paste job.;)

You can have the greatest graphics in the world; yet have the same enemy copied and pasted without a variety of different types and levels, I will mark it down to pure laziness. Perhaps not the word.

LC is Me
14th Jan 2011, 00:38
Some that actually fit her environment...