View Full Version : Speculation about the other characters

Angry Dog
2nd Jan 2011, 00:44
Since the new game is a reboot of the series I wonder which supporting characters will make it into the new series (probably not all in the first game, but perhaps in subsequent ones), and how their designs will be overhauled.

I'm quite confident that Winston will return, and Zip might show up, not sure about anyone else. Does anyone know if Lara's parents are alive in this version?

Also, I wonder if Lara is still a uni student in this version (since she is so much younger).

Your thoughts?

Which characters would you like to see make a return? And how would you like to see them changed (if at all)?


2nd Jan 2011, 00:55
I don't think an of them will show up to be honest. She's way to young to know them(Though she might now Winston...)

2nd Jan 2011, 00:57
I think I read somewhere that Lara had just finished University. :)

2nd Jan 2011, 03:54
Hopefully, Natla will make an appearance... :D

2nd Jan 2011, 09:37
I've heard they're going to remodel Lara's love interest as well as Lara herself so I could see Larson Conway making a return.

If Winston comes back he should be more of an SAS type soldier than a Butler. Sort of like how Michael Caine approached Alfred in the Batman reboot.

Werner von Croy could be interesting. He has to come back really. I could see him being a traitor to Lara's new archnemesis, giving her/him important information that could lead to Lara's capture.

3rd Jan 2011, 14:59
TBH I don't want any of the old characters to be back ! since its a reboot new stuff characters will be add so