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30th Dec 2010, 20:08
Hey, when PHYSX is on, at points, it goes slow, then when i restart to checkpoint, it goes fast again. When physics is off, then it doesn't do it at all.
Why is this?
Graphics Card: GTX 460
processor: AMD 1055T X6.
Ram: 4GB

30th Dec 2010, 20:16
It works fine when it is on medium as well, just when its on high.

23rd Jun 2011, 10:18
Do you get the warning that your hardware is unsupported to run PhysX when you change the PhysX quality in the Launcher?
I'm asking because my vcard is a GTX 580 and I was geting that message. I could play on PhysX high but with veeeery low FPS. No crashes, but unplayable fps. And we both know our hardware is more than enough to play with everything on high.

After days changing values in the '.ini' files i found the problem. It had nothing to do with the values at the '.ini'.
I don't know exactely where the problem is but I do know that when you install the 1.1 patch it installs a very old PhysX driver. If then I install the new NVidia drivers again, the game still not working. Maybe some change that Batman AA don't recognize.
So I:
1. re-installed the patch, with the old PhysX and then
2. went to folder where NVidia extracts it's drivers to install (usually C:\NVIDIA\DisplayDriver\[driver version]\[OS]\[language]\PhysX) and re-installed only the PhysX driver from the '.msi' there.

Now it's beautifully working with everything on High and 60fps (I use VSync).
I think that everytime I update the NV drivers, I'll have to do those 2 steps.

sir biscuit
2nd Jul 2011, 08:47
Reddax,if your only running a 460 , leave it on medium. You need a dedicated physx card to run it on high. Otherwise-chug city ! Have played it on the following nvidia cards - GT240 (no physx),GTS 250 w/9800GT for physx , 2 GTS 250's in sli (ended up using 2nd card as physx in game) , 1 GTX 470 & 250 as physx (physx on high) , 2 470's in sli (broke sli to run 2nd for physx -high) , now 3 GTX 470's in surround (looks great,high of course). Game also looks great in 3d on iZ3D monitor !