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28th Dec 2010, 03:38
I always arrive late to the next gen consoles.. It wasn't until a few months ago that I first purchased a XBOX360; not because of financial constraints, but more so because of habit.. I like to let the dust settle before I make a decision on whether to buy a new game system.

When originally purchasing the system I picked up a sports game and played it for several weeks before losing interest and eventually unplugging the system.. For a while it appeared that I would of been better off pocketing the money and going out to dinner with the cash. Going through game reviews online nothing really caught my eye - except for one game, Mini Ninjas. It looked like the kind of game I could really get into. No excessive violence like the games I played when I was younger, I saw, fun, cute characters with really impressive visuals, and Ninjas!

Over a month or two I had considered purchasing it two or three times but passed because I wasn't convinced or I needed other things.. Well, over the holla daze I was doing some gift shopping with my Christmas bonus and decided to bite the bullet and give Mini Ninjas a shot.

So, after the holiday hoopla wore down on Christmas night, and as my eggnog buzz was wearing off, I got home and plugged in the 360 and played Mini Ninjas.. For about 3 hours straight.. A game hasn't been able to keep my attention span for that long since I was 18 or 19.

Aurally, I was blown away five minutes in.. The sounds and music meshed with the pace and events of the game beautifully.. The visuals are stunning; tranquil and gorgeous vistas along with excellent and expansive environments.. The action is a blast too. Using the huge inventory to stun or surprise the Samurai in a variety of ways is really satisfying when you stealthy plan it from a far and it works out as planned. I fells like it's a combination of Fur Fighters and Ninja Gaiden rolled into one.. And the characters are adorable and blend perfectly with the evil Samurai, who kind of look like Jawas in armor to me.

Most of my friends don't play video games any more and I've drifted away myself, but Mini Ninjas has rekindled my passion for button mashing again! I'm in love with this game and I haven't even beaten it yet.

Big ups to Eidos on this tremendous game and all the hard work the developers and designers put into it; it really shows.. With all they've accomplished there's always a lot of untapped potential with a game this good. Hopefully the head honcho's over at Eidos will green light Mini Ninjas 2 so we can all continue the quest.

Sorry for the great wall of text but congrats to those who made it through my rant :wave:

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