View Full Version : BSP - Reboots PC whenever it is started

27th Dec 2010, 20:24
Hi Folks,

Just bought BSP a few days ago and can I get it to work? Can I heck!

My System Specs appear to be capable ......

P4 3Ghz Dual Core HT
Radeon HD4350 512Mb Graphics
2Gb of Ram

Running Windows XP SP3

Games for Windows Live Client appears to be running perfectly on its own too.

Whenever I start the game though .... the BSP Launcher appears in the top left corner of the screen, then the screen goes black for about 20 secs, the mousepointer reappears on screen then the PC reboots itself.

All drivers up to date have Direct X 9 and also ensured my Flash player isup to date just in cas ethat was the issue.

Any suggestions please :)