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26th Dec 2010, 13:50
I've been reading discussion about fans ideas toward the costume design of Batman Arkham City and how it should relate to the new costume design of the Batman comics.

Being a long time fan of Batman comics, TV, movies, toys, etc... I have to say the Design Rocksteady has come up with the Arkham Asylum is one of my FAVORITES!!!

They've taken many aspects of different versions of Batman and beautifully blended them into a Batman ideal!

The New costume design for Batman Incorporated is cool! but to change the look of the game on a whim would be a mistake!
The design of the game was created as it's own art form. Should they change the design of the other characters from the game to match to designs from the comics as well?
If i want to see the costume of Batman Inc. i'll read the comics. just as if i want to see Batman with short ears i'll watch Adam West or the Superfriends.

Batman is a character with a vast history as well as a great variety of forms of art to chose from.

My Batman collection spans from many great visionaries such as Neal Adams, Alex Ross, Simon Bisley, Bruce Tim, Jim Lee, Tim Burton, Dick Sprang, Frank Miller and many many others.
and all versions are just as loved!

I praise Rocksteady for what they have accomplished!!!
They've taken my favorite comic hero and given him his ultimate videogame experience!

Thank you Rocksteady!

The Comedian
2nd Jan 2011, 04:42
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2nd Jan 2011, 06:40

:lol: This made me laugh

17th Mar 2011, 01:22
I have just one Question. And it was a talked about in a forum here.

Will Batman have different playable Bat-Suits in AC?

Cause I like the one he had in the Dark Knight Film!