View Full Version : Commandos 2 got too old?

24th Dec 2010, 13:13
It is possible that Commandos 2 cannot be played on Windows 7 x86 with a 4 cores processor system?
With or without 1.2 patch I got the same issues. If I don't use any kind of modifications, after 6 - 7 window / door examinations the game crashes without any error message. The same thing happening when I drop a Smoke Grenade with Driver, the game crashes before the smoke appearing on the ground. I did not try all device yet.
If I set the processor affinity to 1 core these problems cease but after 15-20 minutes the picture bursts apart slowly and the game freeze then.
I tried any OS compatibility change but no result. :(

Somebody knows what may be the solution?

24th Dec 2010, 17:11
if so, i won't ever upgrade my pc

25th Dec 2010, 00:54
I probably will have a slow old XP Pc always lying around so that these older games can be played.

25th Dec 2010, 16:08
works fine on my quad core windows7 x64 copy

27th Dec 2010, 08:44
Looks like I had something with DirectX. Reinstalled the game and enabled to install its own DirectX8 too, and now that smoke grenade is working without any modifications. Now I'll play a little with the game and let me see if the examination bug disappeared as well.

Edit: the window/door examination still causes crash. Especially when I'm on a ladder and I peek upwards from it a bit lengthy and when I want to stop it: CRASH. But not alweays, only after a few examinations.

27th Dec 2010, 14:18
You have 4 core, Win 7, and you're playing what?

29th Dec 2010, 09:32
That means nothing, what is good is eternal. And Commandos is one of the best game series once released. And just I finished again Desperados - Wanted Dead Or Alive (I do not know it how often in the course of the time), and I take them out in the future I'm sure :) . I found things anyway HERE (http://commandoshq.net/news.php) which ones solved the problem in Commandos 2 :rolleyes: .