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23rd Dec 2010, 01:01
In The Podcast they refer to a plane crash?
Someone explain what it is?:)

23rd Dec 2010, 01:05
They probably refer to the planecrash in TR: Legend.

Lara and her mum crash in Nepal.

Red Meat
23rd Dec 2010, 01:46
In the article that they did for the game informer magazine (theres some scans of them on here somewere i think) they gave a brief insight to the beggining of the new game. Were at somepoint lara see a plane thats crashing towards her so she dives down a hill to avoid it.. The sequence of sliding down the hill just after that, is what they were referring to in the podcast.

23rd Dec 2010, 08:19
10 HOUR BENCHMARK!!!! 10+ Hours minimum. I like what I'm hearing so far, but on the negative side, I don't like how they beat around the bush answering questions about something expected of the series like duals and such.

23rd Dec 2010, 08:43
Maybe there'll be a plane crash site over-run with velociraptors?

23rd Dec 2010, 11:18
The plane crash, which was in the magazine, basically occurs when Roth, sends lara on a mission to scale a cliff/hill to send a signal for help, after a plane respons and heads toward the island, lara notices that there is nowhere for it to land but the plane still come closer, it eventually crashes throwing debris across the hill which lara must get down to avoid, this involves dodging movements and buttons pressing