View Full Version : Deus EX : Human Revolution(fan trailer)

21st Dec 2010, 17:21

Please be gentle :o

21st Dec 2010, 17:29
I like it. Music is well synchronised with the editing and it's relaxing.

21st Dec 2010, 17:32
Nice synchronization between music and video, rhythm of the music vs. rhythm of the action...

21st Dec 2010, 17:56
Thanks, I tried very hard :D

Music - Michael McCann - Watchtower ...really relaxing

21st Dec 2010, 18:30
It's good but it seems like it should end at the 54 sec mark or when Adam has his back turned. You can make two trailers out of this one.

Rindill the Red
21st Dec 2010, 19:47

Very nice work.

I like how yours starts with the action and ends in a peaceful note... as opposed to the others that always start somewhat peaceful and then explode into cinematic action!

Deus Ex has never been just about action... and I think your trailer captures that better.

21st Dec 2010, 20:44
If you want my honest opinion I would say its actually better than the original trailers made by Eidos, don't know why there is more thumbs down than up but oh well. Screw them, people should at least respect others perspectives of Deus Ex and I totally admire yours.

21st Dec 2010, 20:55
Nice trailer, OP.

Liked it better than the recent "director's cut" trailer that EM put out.

21st Dec 2010, 21:08
This is pretty damn good! I really like the pacing, and the music is great.

Good job!

Edit: I'll second Deus_Ex_Machina, in that I enjoyed this more than the "Director's Cut" trailer.

21st Dec 2010, 21:16
good job....nice song and video well cutted ;)

21st Dec 2010, 21:34
Loved it - well done!

21st Dec 2010, 22:35
Oh nice!

22nd Dec 2010, 07:20
Liked it very much, great job :thumbsup:

22nd Dec 2010, 07:37
That was a really awesome cut & mix of the trailers we've seen so far, nice to have gameplay thrown in as well. Synced really nicely to the music and was smartly paced.

The only problem is that I don't find the music to be fitting. It has too much of a hopeful vibe, especially during the rioting scenes, to work here. If it had more of a sad tone or an ironic tone (something like the "Mad World" Gears of War trailer that took intense footage and scored it with sad music) then it could work, but McCann's "Watchtower" is simply too hopeful and triumphant.

I have to be picky about the music, as a composer/scorer myself.

Anyway, great job!

22nd Dec 2010, 10:38
I appreciate your opinion of guys and I hope that the game will be better than great first part.


22nd Dec 2010, 19:33
Yeah, I think too that you feel the "video flow" perfectly. Nicely edited, really. Pity that the first part was not coherent (not your fault of course! ; you would also have to have some coherent material to work on, which you don't ;) ). EM - give her some more gameplay material and maybe you will win our hearts :D

24th Dec 2010, 06:04
very nice montage of fight scenes... good trailer...