View Full Version : Aerith Lives!

11th Apr 2014, 22:22
It appears that Disney still is highly interested in Final Fantasy 7. They have worked with Square on several occasions before.

I've noted another hint, that I'm not sure fan's are aware about. If you take a second to search Wreck It Ralph Graffiti. You will be shocked to see the message there in clear view. Although, Disney has been known for their hidden phrases in their movies.

To me this means one of a few things.

It could just been nothing, that they just put it in there for video game fans.
That they are doing above stated, as well as reaching out to Square again.
They could be sending that message out because they know something we don't? Perhaps she is alive in their studios at this moment. After all, Final Fantasy 7 will be celebrating it's 20th year anniversary in a few years.

Stay tuned!

Bonus: There is another graffiti located to the right. It is a cheat code, anyone know which game it is for? It is also an old school video game.