View Full Version : will bsp work on my pc?

19th Dec 2010, 17:35
i am a lover of the old battlestations midway and have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of bsp. there are two computers in my house hold:
1) vista 32-bit
lintel Pentium E2140 dual core CPU @ 1.6GHz
Intel 82945G Express chipset family graphics - 256MB
plenty of hard drive space
2) windows 7 64-bit
Intel quad core CPU @ 2.5GHz
2.75GB RAM
unknown graphics
plenty of hard drive space
i tried the demo on both PC's: it crashes before the intro videos on 1), works on 2) but is so gittery and slow that game play is impossible, even on the lowest graphics settings.

will the full game work on either computers, and if not are there any patches available to help. any help would be greatly appreciated as the game looks awesome!

20th Dec 2010, 04:24
It looks awesome but as is the case with most games, appearances can be deceiving. BSP is a good game, but it's a niche one; they changed a lot from Midway. Some say it's better, some say it's worse.

To answer the thread question, use The System Requirements Lab (http://cyri.systemrequirementslab.com/CYRI/) and find BSP in the dropdown.

Though if the demos don't work, chances are you'll have issues with the full game.