View Full Version : How about PSP?

addicted to lara
15th Dec 2010, 11:37
Hi :wave: is lara croft and the guardian of light will be out on PSP too?

18th Dec 2010, 00:21
It would be nice if it did (especially now knowing there is a version for iPhone/iPad). However, how could it be adapted, since it relies heavily on two analogue sticks?

18th Dec 2010, 08:37
good question..

18th Dec 2010, 08:54
Well you could do what most shooters on the PSP do. Use the one analogue stick for movement and the Triangle, circle ect buttons for aiming? Would be difficult but once you get used to it.

But it would be good on PSP. Maybe PSP2 (Apparently dual analogue sticks), though from Sony's past console prices its going to be expensive!:lol:

7th Feb 2011, 19:01
Thanks for the question about the PSP and Guardian of Light, we currently have no plans to put GOL on the PSP.


Scott :)