View Full Version : Kane & Lynch 2 can't jump over washing machine

14th Dec 2010, 05:55
I'm at the part where you have to save Lynch's girlfriend and I can't jump the stove and washing machine; I've heard this is a bug so do I have to uninstall or is the another solution?

I'm reinstalling the game to see if that works but if it doesn't where can I find a save game file that works so I can skip that part?

15th Dec 2010, 00:16

Unless you're playing a unique copy of Dog Days that contains the missing seven hours worth of content , i do not recall a scene where Lynch and Kane are required to 'jump' over stoves and washing machines ...

Which chapter are you at ? ...

15th Dec 2010, 00:21
It's in the bloody apartments, Charlie. After K&L are back together they move up two more floors and are ambushed by two goons taking cover behind a washing machine. A gas canister is also present to the right. You foolish dwarf you.

15th Dec 2010, 00:41
But i don't recall no damn white men jumping ! ...

15th Dec 2010, 01:22
Alright. Dead white men 'vaulting'. Better?

15th Dec 2010, 01:39
Much ...



Aaaaaaaaah ! I get it now ! it's the last hallway right before they enter the apartment , yes i remember ! they used washing machines that came out of nowhere to block the path ...

Oh but man it still sucks to be stucked all of a sudden in here ...

Try playing it on co-op to see if the bug is still present ...

15th Dec 2010, 08:34
Might as well start over, put the dog on extreme and haul ass for that plane.

15th Dec 2010, 18:18
We seem to have a grave issue here in not knowing when to appropriately put spoiler tags ...

I blame Square Enix , under the advice from conspiracy theorists ...

16th Dec 2010, 01:07
Opps. I'd blame it on the false sense of reality. They're ******* with us Charlie!

20th Dec 2010, 02:27
I've started my game over multiple times and it happened again.

20th Dec 2010, 02:50
Tried playing that scene on co-op ? ...

20th Dec 2010, 03:46
Tried feeding the disc into a meat grinder?

20th Dec 2010, 04:01
Even for that i think it'll take two to make things alright ...

20th Dec 2010, 20:39
So you're saying it still would be a co-op operation?

20th Dec 2010, 22:06
Well obviously operating a meat grinder is a two man job , since one has to film the whole thing to post it on youtube ...

Plus , rumor has it that the trophy is glitched so that it only unlocks if it is a two man operation ...

The System is Watching ...

21st Dec 2010, 00:12
Oh wait so it is glitched, no wonder it didn't pop when I inserted my disc into the meat grinder. The trophy description was very vague, it cause me more trouble than win 20 Cops & Robbers matches.

I guess in the end the game was meant to be co-op through-out.

joe the janitor
25th Dec 2010, 01:55
Got to love the tech support!

Tried feeding the disc into a meat grinder?

25th Dec 2010, 07:44
You're talking about yourself ? ...

Oh i see what you did ! ...

29th Dec 2010, 22:18
What is the suggestion on playing coop, I do not have anyone to play coop with me I'm just stuck at that barrier and I watched walkthroughs on youtube and the "E" pops up at that part letting me know that's how you proceed which of course the players in the video hop right over it and go on...I've heard this is a serious glitch in this game and I just want an answer.

30th Dec 2010, 04:17
And you're telling me you didn't find the meat grinder?

30th Dec 2010, 05:40
I've heard this is a serious glitch in this game and I just want an answer.

Personally i've never saw anyone mentioning this glitch before , and i've been through a good handful of Dog Days forum ... but of course , i could have 'missed' it ...
So here's what you can do , if this is indeed such a serious glitch that you've already heard of , then , surely , in all those places where people have encountered this glitch there must be at least one person who has solved it ...

For the moment it's your best bet , since i don't see the tech support rolling down any time soon ...

Oh and the co-op suggestion was that you start a game online with another player/stranger and see if this other player or even you can jump over the washing machines in a co-op match ...

And you're telling me you didn't find the meat grinder?

Now that i think of it, even if you found it you can only operate it if you've got the dlc, right ?...

30th Dec 2010, 20:15
We would have to ask Dog Man on that one as I never purchased the DLC. I saw the price tag and just turned, and walked in opposite direction.

30th Dec 2010, 21:00
The Meatgrinder DLC is not available in Europe. And even it was, I wouldn't buy it: I'm a vegetarian.

30th Dec 2010, 22:19
It's the best DLC for Dog Days.
It comes with dignity and coupon for Kane & Lynch III.

30th Dec 2010, 22:34
Not Charlie's version of K&LIII, I hope...

30th Dec 2010, 22:47
Of course not!
It will be IMPYEMU's.

30th Dec 2010, 23:18
Oh balls... If Brian Nelson and Shyamalan are somehow involved, we're all ****ed.

31st Dec 2010, 02:50
Kane & Lynch III: Dead Men in Water written by Brian Nelson. Story by M. Night Shyamalan

31st Dec 2010, 04:23
See? My butt already hurts just by reading this. Thanks a bunch, lad.

31st Dec 2010, 05:42
I leave this forum alone for twelve hours and look at the mess i get in return , outrageous ...

Not Charlie's version of K&LIII, I hope...

HEY ! What kind of a cheap blasphemy this is ?!! ...
I'm putting my heart and soul in it ! ... and i'm not getting paid ...

31st Dec 2010, 08:17
No one gets paid for witchcraft, Charlie.

31st Dec 2010, 08:32
Witchcraft ? ...

Fire balls ...

The Guardian of Light ...

Free DLCs , eureka it all makes sense ! ...

*Five points augmented for Logic* ...

31st Dec 2010, 08:45
All puzzle pieces are slowly falling into place.
Soon we'll understand that Dog Days was really just an expansion pack to Dead Men.

31st Dec 2010, 09:11
Dog Days was a mixture between two of my requests for Dead Men:
Trophy patch ...
Playing as Lynch in solo ...

It was suppose to be free , but then i had also made a suggestion of a better end credits soundtrack instead of looping the theme track for five minutes ...
So they added a price tag , because of a better end credits ...


31st Dec 2010, 18:19
But the end credits still blow a donkey...
how is that possible?

4th Jan 2011, 07:44
I'm just stuck at that barrier and I watched walkthroughs on youtube and the "E" pops up at that part letting me know that's how you proceed which of course the players in the video hop right over it and go on....

So wait , did you see the "E" on your screen or was it only in the youtube video ? ...

Yesterday when i replayed Dog Days and i got to that part i noticed that the 'vault over obstacle' function would only work if i was pressing foward while taking already cover on the washing machine ...

So does your game show you the "E" key but wouldn't let you do a thing or you don't even see the "E" poping up ? ...

13th Apr 2011, 00:41
i just had the same problem and this is what worked for me.... get close to the obstacle and press c for cover... now press w and hold it.......when you see a little c appear keep holding w and press c again and he will leap over... please let me know if this worked for you..................Mark