View Full Version : Game is trying to kill me

12th Dec 2010, 06:27
Bah. It's bad enough that the Keepers send me on missions designed to piss off both the Hammers AND Pagans (and I wonder just WHO made sure that they both got my name), but now I'm at the final lever to sabotage the clock and the GAME says that I cannot complete the mission unless I go back and steal a SPECIAL LOOT - that will once again skunk my faction status. At least it's only with ONE this time.

Phooey: I had to start over (couldn't get back upstairs to fetch a special). But I was wrong - the game wasn't trying to kill me, it must have been the Keepers after all. I wrecked the clock tower, indirectly killing maybe a dozen hammerites, and my faction isn't affected at all.

Gotta love my last words at the trial: You haven't listened to anyone else yet, why would you start now?

12th Dec 2010, 10:19
Your faction changes only if you act against the Pagans or the Hammerites independent of the particulars of a mission.

In the Clock mission the end result does nothing to your faction.

There is a way to get back to the top of the tower from the lower levels. It is difficult but can be done. You start at the central level, climb back up the centeral tower and can reach the top levels again.

If you mishandle the Pagans or the Hammerites in town between missions your faction will change.s