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2nd Dec 2010, 09:04
I cannot seem to enter Cockpit View on BSP, no matter what key I push. I'm playing it for Mac, so its obviously different than console users, however I'd assume it'd be the same button for people playing on the PC Windows versions. The button I seem to have found the limited descriptions of the controls saying is CTRL, but this just puts me into some type of free look.

Please help me with this problem, it would be very much appreciated!!!

This may seem extremely elementary, but I've noticed many people have inquires relating to random simple stuff, and this would really enable me to experience a new part of the gameplay. Thanks.

6th Dec 2010, 20:48
Try this first:
Go to Options, Game, Cockpit and make sure it is set to "enabled"
This should solve your problem from what I could tell of your description.

Well, unfortunately BSP is a "broken" game that has many problems. A similar ptoblem PC users encounter is that most of the HUD disappears in 3rd person or cockpit view and ordnance can not be released.

As far as it is known is that it is a glitch. All I can suggest is tampering with the graphics settings and getting your drivers updated.


20th Dec 2010, 04:31
I've noticed a few things regarding the aforementioned glitch. Firstly, it appears mostly when you attempt to switch planes after your existing one is destroyed. Differences in effects and apparent rate of fire in the guns leads me to believe that the game's AI squadmates and the player's planes act differently, and not just in terms of who's got control. In other words, I think the glitch is a result of you flying what the game thinks is an AI-controlled aircraft.

Therefore, crashing your existing plane or your current squadron will resolve the glitch.

Your machine guns should still work though. Either that or it's not the glitch I'm thinking of...

2nd Mar 2011, 08:36
Put your planes in aggresive mode and leave the unit. The A.I. will Lock-on the the target. This can also be used. However, if you need to use the unit yourself follow Arrow's advice he is correct.