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1st Dec 2010, 04:42

With respect to LC:GOL on the PC
Private or Public games (not local same screen co-op)

Though I am able to select a character, as is the 2nd player when connected, neither of us is able to 'see' the other person's character selection.

Thus, there is no way to hit the 'Continue', because my client does not 'register' that the 2nd player has selected the other character. Both player names appear stuck in the middle to one another, despite us confirming (over Skype) that we have each selected a different character.

This occurs regardless of who is hosting. It cannot be a port or connection issue as we have both tried with full DMZ as well.

Could this be a controller setup issue on the PC?


- A

1st Dec 2010, 14:02
Has no one encountered this bug before? Anyone? :)

The issue has similarly been posted by another user on the Steam forums:

Many PC users have also suggested in numerous threads that it's simply a matter of spending 15-30minutes trying to create and recreate a game, but this seems a bit foolish for something as simple as a UI bug.

We opted to see if it could be a controller issue, so my brother used an Logitech GamePad and mapped it while I used my Sidewinder joystick. With successful mappings, we were able to move our names to select the respective characters using the controllers alone, however, once again neither of us were able to see each other's character selection. My name (as the host) appeared in the middle to him, and his name as the client appeared in the middle to me.