View Full Version : do you think this could be worth anything?

30th Nov 2010, 17:04
just found this at work hidden away under a pile of rubbish

there is two of them both the same but one is numbered 13/16 and one is numbered 15/16

when i asked about them i was told in 2007 we cleared circle studios when they went bust. Circle studios was formed by some of the staff from core designs the creators of tomb raider

so they have history with them

anyway what you guys think ? think they could be worth something?



1st Dec 2010, 12:26
I recommend eBay! There are fans who would buy this. It looks cool!! ;)

1st Dec 2010, 13:28
I recommend eBay! There are fans who would buy this. It looks cool!! ;)

i was told to list it on ebay with a high price but with a best offer option so thats what i did

we also have a framed swimsuit that was used in the design of the game i will try get a picture to show you guys

its probaly the coolest bit of game memrobilla i have been lucky enough to see unfortunatly my boss wont see it lol

1st Dec 2010, 13:31
sorry its a bit blurred


1st Dec 2010, 20:39
Wow, how cool!

I´m afraid you can´t offer them on here, but yeah, Ebay is the best place I think! :D

(If you don´t want to keep them. XD)

1st Dec 2010, 21:31
OMG. I'd kill for that framed wetsuit (and I had seen it before too, not sure where though), although the shipping cost would probably be a murder on its own.

Great items nevertheless. Are they on eBay yet? D:

2nd Dec 2010, 09:40
yeah we got the poster on ebay, but the wet suit is not for sale. Just thought i would share it on here with you.

As i said the poster is marked pretty high but with a best offer option as i really couldnt put a price on it as none have been up for sale before (there is only 16 of these in the world) which i think will push the price up, but you never know with this sort of stuff lol

wasn't looking to sell on here was just hoping someone might be able to put a price to them lol

2nd Dec 2010, 10:42


another poster i found today

there is sadly no number on this one but still cool

2nd Dec 2010, 16:08
Give us the links of the items you're selling!!

2nd Dec 2010, 17:33

just the one for now like i said open to offers on this


2nd Dec 2010, 17:37
£300?!?!!? Holy crap!!!

2nd Dec 2010, 17:42
£300?!?!!? Holy crap!!!

i have been told by someone who sell this sort of stuff to list it on ebay with a high price and a make an offer

the price i was given that it was worth is not a million miles from this figure

but i guess its worth what someone was willing to pay, hence the make an offer

this is straight from edios studios made for them and only 16 of them made kinnda puts the high price on it

2nd Dec 2010, 17:45
also has 10 people watching and have had some interest already :)

2nd Dec 2010, 19:45
Be sure to let us know when you sell it. I would buy it immediately but don't have "enough" money... Good luck! ;)