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30th Nov 2010, 16:18
Hi, I've got a problem with buying water arrows. Whenever I enter the shop in the Black Alley and move the cursor over the arrows, they won't highlight. I have to move the cursor here and there until they finally do. But when I left-click on them to buy them, nothing happens. No quantity menu. Same with noisemaker arrows in the same shop. Buying other items in the shop works fine. It started around the first Stonemarket Plaza mission, with Lady Elizabeth. Any ideas?

EDIT: Now I also cannot buy gas bombs and fire/moss arrows in other shops... :/ Any ideas how to solve this?

30th Nov 2010, 19:39
You can only have a limited number of items.

Check the count. I don't remember but I think you can only have 20 of each.

30th Nov 2010, 21:03
I know. I only had 10 arrows, all found somewhere, and I still wasn't able to buy them. Same with other objects.
Usually the menu pops up anyway and lets you buy the exact amount you can carry. In my case nothing happens.

Tin Star
1st Dec 2010, 06:21
The only othere things I can think of is that you may not have any money to buy them with, have you sold the things that you have taken? or you may have something that did'nt load right when you loaded the game.

Tin Star

2nd Dec 2010, 06:57
I don't know if it's related, but something's affected my TDS "shopping" experience, too. I hover the cursor over the item I want, and it doesn't acknowledge it. Then I move the cursor to other items and they highlight as normal or not, and I move back to the item I want. Eventually, and sometimes after exiting and returning to try again, I can buy the items once I can get it to acknowledge. I have no idea what's affecting it.

3rd Jan 2011, 06:48
This has happened to me too, although late in the game. I am at the start of museum mission, and I have visited all the stores in the districts, but I am unable to buy any item other than health potions. I know I am much under the carrying limits, but still the game does not let me buy the items. Some bug it seems. Very frustrating.... Pleeaasse Help !!!!!