View Full Version : Problems with Logitech Wingman Rumblepad controller on PC

28th Nov 2010, 21:55

I am finding that the game doesn't seem to work properly with a Logitech Wingman Rumblepad controller on PC. For instance I can't find a way to aim & shoot with the controller. At one point I managed to get the right control stick to aim but couldn't fire, now I can't even get back to that.

Can anyone tell me exactly how to get it working? I'm thinking that either I need to know how to set each and every button & stick in the game configuration screen, or perhaps I need to download a special Logitech profile, or perhaps I need to download a x360 controller emulator & set up the associated .ini file.

I'd really appreciate it if someone who has managed to do this can tell me exactly how, or if the developers could investigate why the game doesn't work properly with the controller.

Thanks very much in advance,

29th Nov 2010, 00:34
I've managed to make some progress with the Rumblepad configuration within the game. I've set the axis to "Z rotation & slider" which seems to enable the right analogue stick to aim. I've set "Button 6" to be shoot, which works for me. I've not yet found a way to config it so I can switch between the four weapons, I'm looking for a 'next weapon' type of button, but at least now I can do all of the basic controls without needing to reach for the mouse or keyboard.

8th Jul 2011, 03:11
I have the same issue with Logitech Precision gamepad (it's the old one, so no analaog sticks). Everything works great expect the aiming/shooting part, where she draws the weapon and puts it back continuously. Kind of sucks because this seems like a great game to play with a gamepad...

24th Mar 2012, 17:03
Same issue with Madcatz Street Fighter Gamepad. No patch yet? It's a shame

10th Feb 2013, 12:23
your PC and let windows reinstall the drivers for you.