View Full Version : Kane&Lynch 2 don´t launch the game

28th Nov 2010, 04:32
I have it with Steam.
Game don´t run. It shows a message:
"The current user is not allowed to run this application. Exiting Kane & Lynch 2: Dog days"
Of course, I have the Administrator permissions (and every steam game runs ok).
Try to Install, uninstall and reinstall. Check the Steam Cache, and all is Ok. Try to run manually the DirectX, vcredist and openal -to check a bad config trouble but nothing.
I check HKEY_CURRENT_USERSOFTWAREVALVE and ALL the Kane & lynch relate files and put "Full control" and "Read" in the boxes for Admin and System.
But both the game and the Setup don´t run (i have both options to launch with Steam, both give me the sane "not allowed to launch" message)

System: Windows 7 64bits
Intel Q6600, 4 Gig RAM DDR3, ATI HD4830 (latest Catalyst drivers, downloaded the yesterday via autoupdate from Steam)

Any help please??

joe the janitor
28th Nov 2010, 05:18
I've got no clue. I tried google(ing) that problem and I couldn't find a solution :(
This is a shot in the dark but do you have any other "M" (or pegi 18) games?

28th Nov 2010, 18:07
Thx for the answer Joe, I don´t know if I have another M game (Clive Barcher´s Jericho, Stalker or Killing Floor are M rated?).
Steam never asks me to put the age for this game -and yep, I am not a child :D
I though in a "localization" trouble.
I am from Argentina (South America), is this game only for Asia-Europe and North America? and so has a "Region locked" trouble?