View Full Version : PC Aiming bug! (Online Co-Op, Lara only)

24th Nov 2010, 02:43
Me and my friend recently started playing this wonderful co-op game over Steam. Alas, we quickly noticed that whoever was controlling Lara was only able to shoot in one direction. My friend tells me over voice chat that I'm only shooting in one direction, but on my screen I'm shooting in all directions.
The same goes for monsters, jars, barrels etc, as they are virtually indestructible unless I'm standing at a certain angle.

We've tried switching characters, but the bug persists.

This makes for a very annoying bug, that not only reduces the gaming experience as a whole - but also increases the difficulty of this co-op endeavor considerably.

Edit: We're both playing the game using a keyboard and a mouse. (Gamepad disabled.)

Captain Whiskers
24th Nov 2010, 18:20
Hey man, I have also had this bug.. but I found out that occasionly it will do it with totec :/

Additionly there are so many bugs it's insane, I'll list a few

. Player may recieve damage for no reason even when in a safe zone.
. Player's grapple may break for no reason when attatched to something.
. Player may fall through the map when trying to be revived.
. In every playthrough, no matter what connection the co-op parter has. They will always have a delay when picking up items and breaking objects.
. Player may not take any damage from certain fire traps within the game, allowing for easy completion.
. While jumping to ledges that must be reached, the player may hit an invisible wall and make them fall. Yet another partner may attempt the same jump with no trouble at all.

That's just a few.. And all of that happened within about 15 - 20 minuits if gameplay. I say Eidos only just created the co-op for pc rather than "Tweaking it" since it is plagued with bugs and glitches at the moment.