View Full Version : Online co-op update for PC now live on Steam

23rd Nov 2010, 17:20


23rd Nov 2010, 17:52
Great news, Keir!

Now please share some news about the DLC and the PC and PS3 players will finally be happy!!

23rd Nov 2010, 17:54
THANK YOU! :wave:

I'm so going to be spending my week "accidently" exploding my brother in this! Sibling rivalry and all! ;)

23rd Nov 2010, 19:14
YAY Keir! :D

Thanks for the awesome news!!!:thumb:

I've been playing the game with few people online for the past hour and I have to say that it's an awesome experience. :D
However, there are some bugs and the game lags frequently. Take a look at this:


It's really hard to get past this area because of the grapple bug. I know that people at CD had some issues with the grapple gun (I heard it in the podcast ;)) but it would be really cool if this was fixed.

Nonetheless, the game is awesome and I can't wait for the weekend! :D

Terminal Meltdown
24th Nov 2010, 03:31
AWESOME NEWS!!! Thank you so much this! It means a great deal to me that your company has come through on it's word. I look forward to purchasing the NEW Tomb Raider coming in the future. You have earned my business.

Like I've said before, your company should promote a deal on steam that offers all the old Tomb Raider games in one bundled package.

My thanks goes out to each and everyone who worked so hard to make this game!


24th Nov 2010, 13:37
That is great news! Alot sooner then expected after the PS3 release, and I like that :)

Last night I played the game for the first time. I was keeping it for online COOP with a buddy that lives far from me.

Loving the game so far. Working as a team to pass the levels. No bugs so far on my side. Passed the part in the pic above on first try, very challenging and I had a good laugh.

Playing with my old Playstation 2 controller, controls are perfect.

Great work on a great game. The wait on online coop was worth it.

Never was a huge Tomb Raider fan, Hope we get to see more games of this type in the future.

Recommended it to all of my friends.