View Full Version : PSN getting free DLC?

23rd Nov 2010, 00:45
Are we also getting the free DLC offered to 360 users for the delayed online co-op? PSN just launched it today, so it was also very delayed.

23rd Nov 2010, 06:14
it seems to me another delay but aw well we got the online co op at last

24th Nov 2010, 00:24
We did get a free DLC after all. And it's not the same one. Today's PSN update brings us "Things That Go Boom Challenge Pack". I'm installing it atm, it's a 94mb download. :D

24th Nov 2010, 00:30

Wow, cool! Can´t wait to hear what it is, it sounds ... explosive. :D

24th Nov 2010, 01:00
I just played through the four challenges! :D

The first two are survival based fights, increasing ammount of enemies in arenas full of explosive things (the poison cocoons and all new giant exploding mines that roll down from the top in "Madness River"). "Ill Valley" gets covered in poison as you kill the enemies so you have to run to the upper levels.

The second two are puzzle based levels. "Mayan Mini-Golf" is pretty much self-explanatory, but it's crazy hard. At least it was to me, lol. You'll understand when you get to it. And the last one, "Blast Lifts" was all too short, but it has this great platforming element, which wasn't in any of the original levels. Oh, yes, the Mini-Golf level also has some wild rotating platforms you have to get the ball through, pure ingenious IMO. :D

All in all, I'm quite pleased with these. Mind you I've only played the single player mode (and only managed one of the twelve time/score challenges lol), can't wait to play these in coop and spot the changes.

I find it odd that All The Trappings isn't available yet, but I guess it will be up really soon.

Also new to LCGOL are the Tomb Raider Underworld tracks used in these levels.

24th Nov 2010, 01:11
Oh man, I hate those green gas pods! :lol:
Sounds really fun, especially that mini golf thing. :p

But I guess it´s short, just like All the Trappings. Won´t stop me from getting it though, I can´t help it. :o:flowers:

Thanks for your review, much appreciated! :group_hug:

24th Nov 2010, 12:18
Man! Why didn't I check PSN last night...
I have a whole day at work to get through before I can try getting this pack now :(
Does this mean we will get the other pack as well? Or are the different systems getting different packs just for the frack of it?

24th Nov 2010, 20:26
I believe all five packs will be available on all platforms eventually. It's odd that the Challenge Pack 1 (All the Trappings) will only be available after Challenge Pack 2, though - you'd think they'd offer one for free and put the other for sale at the same time if it was just because the first arrived late.

And L2R, me too! Short as they may be, they're quite enjoyable! I am so going to try and beat all time and score challenges in all DLCs they release, lol. ^_^