View Full Version : No DLC for PC?

22nd Nov 2010, 17:21
Downloadable Content for Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

There is no downloadable content available for this game.

Eidos, are you mad? Do you think Microsoft is your future?

22nd Nov 2010, 17:25
Hi, there will be some good news on this front soon :)

22nd Nov 2010, 17:26
My goodness Keir, thanks for that! Perhaps there is hope for the future after all!


Terminal Meltdown
24th Nov 2010, 03:44
Just curious, since the online coop patch for the PC has been released, where is the DLC with the new maps? Maybe I over looked something on Steam?

24th Nov 2010, 07:47
ps3 is on the same position bro

24th Nov 2010, 11:27
ps3 is on the same position bro

We have a DLC now :p Just Check the Ps Store

26th Nov 2010, 08:26
I'm confused don't most PC run on some MS based OS? Wouldn't that mean a MS exclusive would include PC. Or are they partinioning the platforms futher nowadays meaning Xbox exclusive means Xbox only? What say the powers at be about PSN?

26th Nov 2010, 17:30
Please Keir give some news about this... this is unfair! D: PC players need DLC too!!

26th Nov 2010, 23:41
well its eidos guys come on..what did u expect?