View Full Version : xbox 360 twisting bridge bug

22nd Nov 2010, 00:06
Hello everyone. I see this game got bugs. Here's what happen to me. I downloaded to play it in my x-box, I finish all challenges all artifacts, relics in hard mode (o.o). But In twisting bridge the challenge bomb the rolling fire don't give me the health power up. It is listed that I did it, but in the list in objectives (right above B back button/symbol) the health power up is not listed, yet above is listed that I have done it! Is there 2 health power ups in that level, or is it really a bug? Haven't play co-op yet to see if I have bugs there too.

22nd Nov 2010, 00:20
O.o wait a minute... I just red there is a health upgrade too. I don't read walkthrough or strategie guides I like to figure out by myself, but it looks I missed something (o.o, not usuall for me). Checking it now. Will be back sortly.

22nd Nov 2010, 00:31
False alarm :(. My bad, it was a health power up I haven't got. Sorry everyone :D.