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21st Nov 2010, 18:56

Welcome to Complete the Story Thread!

Rules are simple: we are going to re-tell the story of Deus Ex, few lines per post. Write a few lines of what JC will do next. No need to be ultra-accurate, just please keep it consistent. Have fun!

21st Nov 2010, 19:22
You are on a pier. There is a crowbar and a crate nearby.
>take crowbar
You've taken the crowbar.
>take crate
You can't take that.
>use crowbar on crate
The crate smashes. Inside is a pair of binoculars and a bioelectric energy cell.
>take binoculars
You've taken the binoculars.
>take biocell
You've taken the biocell.

Anyone want to continue?

21st Nov 2010, 19:25
You jump in the water.

*Jumps into the water.*

You search for another crate and a voice yelling at you is saying:"DENTON GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE!!"

21st Nov 2010, 19:31
Run up and talk to Paul.

You like to pick um off from a distance.

*take sniper rifle*

Talk to Paul again.

Paul wont talk to you anymore so you walk back and talk to guard who tells you about Herman.

Walks over picks up soda and beer.

*picks them up*

Finish and walk over to far 2 crates where you pick up Tranq darts and pistol ammo.

Continue anyone?

1 Crowbar
1 Binocular
1 Biocell
1 Pistol (2 clips)
1 Prod (4 uses)
1 Sniper rifle (4 bullets?)
1 set of Tranq Darts
1 Soda
1 Beer

21st Nov 2010, 19:35
Cool thread! :cool:

This thread is also an attempt to create safe spoiler-free environment for those who do not want to separate themselves from our community, but are afraid that upcoming informations about DX:HR will ruin their experience. No DX:HR spoilers here, please!

Just to let everyone know that a separate sub-forum will be created a little before the game is released, exclusively for DX:HR gameplay discussion and spoiler threads.

21st Nov 2010, 19:45
Crouch and get the gas grenade on the left.
Then get on the right side of the island so you can climb and get at the top of the statue.
Use your prod to take down a NSF guard, then just crouch until you find 2 guys talking.
Take off the gas grenade..


EDIT: you forgot the multitool, go back and take it :P

21st Nov 2010, 19:46
Just to let everyone know that a separate sub-forum will be created a little before the game is released, exclusively for DX:HR gameplay discussion and spoiler threads.

Good to know!

So, who's gonna continue the story?

22nd Nov 2010, 00:34
You walk around and take the other grenades:

>disarm gas grenade x3
you've disarmed the gas grenade
>take gas grenade x3
you've taken the gas grenade

So you listen to the thug and the trooper having a chat about how they stole the shipment of Ambrosia; the conversation suddenly becomes extremely emotional as you butt in with some tear gas, risking permanent damage to their bronchial pathways:

>throw gas grenade
You've thrown the gas grenade. NSF Grunt is temporarily incapacitated. NSF trooper is temporarily incapacitated.

You run up the stairs behind the hysterical enemies, only to find two more NSF troopers. You take out the sniper rifle and rail the one on the right a cool headshot - he falls to the ground screaming a bloodcurdling scream:
>you've killed the NSF trooper

The other trooper is quick however, and shoots you in the torso with his pistol:
>the NSF trooper shoots you in the torso, chipping away 25hp from your torso.

You brandish the crowbar and run at him, beating him as hard as possible until he falls towards you with the same terrifying, blood-curdling scream. You take some serious damage in the process - another 25 to the torso, 50 to the head and 35 to the left arm.

(Meh...cbf with the roguelike dialog).

You continue to the top of the castle, and enjoy a soda before confronting the terrorist leader.

[to be continued...]


Current loadout:

1 Crowbar
1 Binocular
1 Biocell
1 Pistol (12 '10mm' bullets)
1 Prod (4 'prod chargers')
1 Sniper rifle (3 '30.06' bullets)
1 Minicrossbow (4 'tranquiliser darts')
1 Beer
3 gas grenades
1 multitool

Head: 50/100
Torso: 50/100
Right Arm: 100/100
Left Arm: 65/100
Right Leg: 100/100
Left Leg: 100/100

I know we don't need to be ultra-accurate, but I decided to put in stats just in case.

24th Nov 2010, 10:19
Just as you are about to confront the terrorist leader you suddenly have an overwhelming desire to have another soda. You go in search of said Soda; you remember that you passed a soda machine prior to dispatching the 2 guards in the previous room.

Upon approaching the Soda machine you remember that they dont take credits...So you just punch all the buttons in the vain hope of a Soda falling out. Your luck is in!! Soda for all! Too much Soda in fact and as the excess Soda cans fall out the machine they begin to roll down the stairs alerting a single patrolling guard in the room below. You now have a dilemma....

24th Nov 2010, 19:43
And what a big dilemma it is:

Should you pick up a can of Orange or Lemon...

24th Nov 2010, 20:12
The Alerted Guard runs up the stares. Frantically JC try's to evade detection by entering the shadows. Unfortunately the guard takes notice of the large man with sunglasses standing right next to what appears to be a broken vending machine. Fortunately the Guard is actually a UNATCO trooper and they both happen to be standing in UNATCO HQ.

The trooper looks at JC. "We need to clean this up before Manderly finds out." JC and the trooper try their best to refill the vending machine with all the soda cans on the ground. Unfortunately they fail to put every can back in it's right place. Leading to paradoxical toilet bowl flag portals 50 years later.

The trooper takes note that JC somehow managed to get inside the building. "Looks like you're already here. Just go talk to Manderly for you're next mission and forget about the situation top side. It will take care of itself... I guess."

24th Nov 2010, 20:53
^ Absolutelly brilliant! Lot of soda things finally makes sense ;)

Rindill the Red
25th Nov 2010, 00:44
You are about to go into Manderley's office when you realize you finally got your pistol... so you slink down to Jacobson's tech room (stopping by the women's restroom, where the lady there exclaims she's going to put on a show for you, but you leave because that seems weird.) Jacobson comes over the intercom telling you that you are getting warmer. But just before getting within eye-sight, you stop and open a secret compartment in the floor where you've been hiding stuff you've been stealing from the armory. You pick up a scope and some 30.06 ammo for your sniper rifle. You attach the scope to your pistol and then like a dick you leave without saying hi to Jacobson, you're too cool for that nerd anyway. On your way out you notice a sexy mech sitting in her office, and stop by...