View Full Version : Just lost all my saved data- PC

21st Nov 2010, 11:22
I've just upgraded to Windows 7, and booted up the game again and logged in to LIVE to find that the singleplayer screen won't let me select more than the first mission in each campaign, even though the dots that show the locations for all the missions I've previoulsly beaten show up on the map. I've beaten the US campaign and was more than halfway through the Japanese campaign.

I tried copying the save folder from documents in Windows Old into the new documents folder in win7 as well, but it did not make a difference.

Can anyone help me get my singleplayer progress back?

21st Nov 2010, 12:56
Eh, BSP pretty much does not allow you to recover your savefiles. it is not much of a problem as the campaigns are played fast. What bothers most players is that if the finally achieved insane XP on multiplayer and unlocked the P80 and Kikka that is lost too.
Until an update unlocks kikka with ohka and P80 with TBM.....