View Full Version : Objective list DISAPPEARS. Can't complete objectives.

21st Nov 2010, 02:32
I have managed to get Thief: Deadly Shadows running nicely on my Vista 32 system. However, I have a very frustrating problem. Whenever I enter a door that transitions to another portion of the level (door with smoke/steam/cloud) the game minimizes briefly then returns to load the level portion. The problem is, once this level portion has loaded, my entire objective list disappears and any objective I complete in this portion of the level does not register with the game.

ie. After transitioning to the Inner Quarters on the Bloodline Opal mission, my objective list has completely disappeared. I hit the torch switch in Lord Ember's Chambers, but there is no magical objective sound or any communication to me that I have achieved an objective. I move down to the Portcullis in the basement and it is STILL shut!

In short, there is no way for me to complete any levels that require me to walk through a magic cloud/smoke transition door. What could possibly be the problem and fix for this situation?


21st Nov 2010, 03:18
Vista 32