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15th Nov 2010, 21:28
Hey Dev's

It's cool that you got things sorted out with the 360's issues...but what is your main plan here?

Obviously with the 360 co-op being fixed and ready to play, you have to know by now what went wrong, why you delivered late, etc...

Are you going to make PS3 users wait until 1 month later of the 360's fix to release it for PS3 users? Just to make it fair or something?

I still refuse to play the game without my friend online...so it is just sitting there, waiting, for an act of god to make it available for me...(seems like thats what it takes. I still am puzzled as to why they promised co-op when they weren't prepared for the task...complete bull S&!^):hmm:

15th Nov 2010, 22:31
I'm sure I won't be shot for saying this, but if so, good knowing you all :rasp:

I personally saw the online being worked on recently and it sounded like it would be ready soon. Us PC/PS3 players have not been forgotten...better to be patient and have a game that works, than one full of bugs :)

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15th Nov 2010, 22:59
It is BS that they fixed one and not the other ANOTHER slap in the face. Maybe when the new full game comes out i will just wait and buy it used......... TR was one game I actually supported and bought day one every time so far but after all this CRAP time to reconsider

15th Nov 2010, 23:10
I agree the wait time is a little ridiculous at this point. The last delay the community has seen was with Angel of Darkness, and we all know how that ended up for Core Design.

At least we have a swarm of other games to play while we wait ;)

16th Nov 2010, 03:00
No idea what's taking them so long, but I'm sure they are trying as hard as they can. I hope it will be out before the Christmas holidays...

16th Nov 2010, 03:16
and that's what is keeping me busy katie! but i have to agree with the op here because it's november and it was for summer! sorry but let's step back 4 months..it was official that the game would released in summer for pc, xbox and ps3 and we were all happy until the first slap came with the release of the game only in xbox a month before the release of pc and ps3 platforms with the online co op of corse!

we were waiting for a month then until more great news came in the forums..the online co op was delayed and it was the second slap for ps3 and pc gamers(without mentioning that it's been delayed including on xbox which was a surprise for me).

we got the game at last in 28 september but the issues many users had with all platforms and i reading about bugs and glitches and problems with installing.. it was another slap! the game is unfinished again!! just like underworld!

then more great news! the co op online update was official at last only for xbox players of corse! (not mentioning the 1st dlc only for xbox and again it wasn't a surprise for me) 4th slap for pc and ps3 users and sweet keir said that it will be soon available for pc/ps3 and eidos forgot that last time with underworld if i remember correctly ps3 was the console with the most copies sold and they gave the dlc to xbox!

so excuse me if im so disappointed with them! it's obvious that they have no respect for their customers and especially no respect for ps3 and pc gamers!

16th Nov 2010, 22:12
Yeah, they are really taking a long time to release the patch. Maybe it will work like this: the game was released for Xbox360 in August and the patch was released 2 months later. So the game for PC & PS3 was released at the end of September so maybe it will be released at the end of November...

19th Nov 2010, 07:08
19 november..still waiting..
i gonna be straight if its ever released!

keiiiiiiiiiiir where are u bro com on...

19th Nov 2010, 11:32
OK, At the start I was defending all this, now I just give up.
No Online play, No DLC, no comments from Keir.

What a shambles for the PS3/PC community.

As far as the game goes, I am now totally bored of it and won't even bother buying the DLC now.

As for it being too easy? I finally got to do multi player by sitting down and playing the game with my FOUR YEAR OLD son.

Even HE could do the puzzles. I reckon in a year he could probably complete the game on his own.

To quote a recent microsoft add,

19th Nov 2010, 20:31
If they already did the patch for Xbox360 why can't they release the patch for PC\PS3? I bet CD had already finished the patch for PC\PS3 but they can't release it because of a deal with Microsoft.
Sadly, it's all about money... fans and the love for the franchise comes last. :hmm:

19th Nov 2010, 22:37
Yeah it's really late to add and for the extra wait, PSN users should get the free DLC and something else as a sign of thanks.

20th Nov 2010, 15:27
a thanks from eidos? u kidding me bro?

20th Nov 2010, 23:39
They don't givwe a rats arse for PC and PS3 users

21st Nov 2010, 00:54
We honestly have no idea what is going on. So just chill, okay?

21st Nov 2010, 07:04
pulse don't tell me u still support eidos..u blind or what? start from the op and read..we still waiting for the co op and because u have it you aren't important here