View Full Version : [XBox360] Issue in Fiery Depths level co-op/multiplayer

15th Nov 2010, 15:30
My son and I like to play video games together. When we discovered the co-op play, we were ecstatic! We just got to the Fiery depths level recently and yesterday we tried finishing it. However, we got close to the end of the level where we have to cross a lava lake on some rotating tiles. We tried several times to no avail. That's when I decided to look online to see what we were doing wrong. In one of the walkthroughs (for single player) that I found, the picture showed tiles that extended all the way to the second platform on the character's right side. When my son and I were playing, the furthest rotating tile was on the character's left side and is just far enough away from the platform that we cannot jump to it.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions as to how we might get through it? :hmm:

Thanks! :)