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9th Nov 2010, 14:03
A secret whitepaper and some artworks of the next Tomb Raider game show that Lara Croft’s future is probably lying in the past.

It seems that the game will feature a “rebooted” young Lara and tells how she became to be the well-known archaeologist, the tomb raider we know so well.

The problem is that the whitepaper seems to be released by accident. Neither the script nor the concept art is validated so far – but interesting to look at…

Open-World Adventure!
If the rumors are true, Tomb Raider 9 will play in a huge open-world for the first time in the history of the series.

It can be exciting to lead Lara through that scenario like in other adventure games. On the other hand it can destroy the typical Tomb Raider feeling easily.

The new Lara Croft! :-) Only kidding.
Though i love adventure games like the “Gothic” series or “Elder Scrolls” and i’m looking forward to “Risen” by Piranha Bytes i’m still not sure if i would like a Tomb Raider game in such style.

My feelings about this are fifty-fifty.

Where are Lara’s Boobies?
This point is clear. When the guys at Crystal Dynamics – who already did a great job with “Legend”, “Anniversary” and “Underworld” – decide to remove Lara Croft’s characteristic balloons and make them look like in the artwork, then my friends, we don’t need Lara Croft no more.

Pretty much old school torch and pretty small boobs - the next Lara Croft?
Don’t let Lara Croft look like a flat teeny! She is an icon, maybe the strongest icon of all, the queen of computer generated heroes. Stop cutting here and there. The body proportions of the Underworld-Lara were pretty nice. Come on, don’t be feminists!

More Sex would be nice!
The other ingredients of the recipe for Tomb Raider 9 are simple: More of everything.

More freedom, more violence, more monsters… even more sex? That would to good to be true.

Lara Croft riding on a horse and shooting at monsters with a bow. Very dynamic scene.
After all, i don’t know where the journey goes to. But i trust Crystal Dynamics, it’s a known fact that i’m a fan of the last 3 parts of the show. I think CD can make the trick to bring Lara’s future into the past…

The game will play before Tomb Raider 1, that’s what the “secret” whitepaper says.

Anyway, good to hear news about good ol´ Lara.


Randy 54
9th Nov 2010, 21:07
Those are old pictures of something other than Lara Croft. First off, she's much older than a teenage Lara and obviously doesn't eat much. Someone else, some time ago, posted identical pictures showing the same poses, but the model had different facial features as if they were meant for another game. I wouldn't put much thought into
these pics having anything to do with the upcoming game and I'm sure when they feel the time is right, Eidos will release the real teaser package they're holding.

9th Nov 2010, 23:13
ok a question..since when we are buying a game for sex? excuse me but i rather seeing lara kicking butts than having sex! what the heck did u mean with more sex? since when tr games had sex scenes? and it's just a virtual character not a real human why on earth i would rather watching a toon in a sex scene than a movie with real humans hm? tr is a game remember?

9th Nov 2010, 23:40
Are you kidding me!?

I felt discusted reading this thread (no offense to you personally)! Really! I find this sickening. You shouldn't be judging a game on body preportions! It's about the game. It's a video game, so either play it or don't. Like Denis said, watch an R rated movie! I don't get this at all. really I don't. I think it's disrespectful to Lara and TR, she can be pretty and still kick some major butt. So go play a different game, because I trust CD to not let this game get out of hand (pleas eidos! Please!). Rated M for violence would be good, and I don't know about you, but I'd rather not see lara running around naked in this game.... Really, a flat teeny. This is teenage Lara here (atleast Im pretty sure it is) so chill. Plus, I'm pretty sure TR would loses lots of their players if they did that.They're smarter than that I would hope. I will play this game no matter what, but I won't be happy with what you have suggested. sorry, this was not meant to be offensive to you, but seriously, I don't think thats right for a TR game.

10th Nov 2010, 12:09
It comes to something when the success of a game comes down to how big curtain areas could/should be.:lol:

Tomb Raider is going to have such a great future.

A game should be a way of escape from the problems of the real world, just as a book or film is... it shouldn't make people who might not have the 'best of bodies' (for want of better words) feel bad cause they don't look like that. Characters looks should be the last on the list of priorities... by characters I mean looks not development of back-stories and fears and strengths and weakness.

10th Nov 2010, 16:04
It really doesn't matter what the story, plot, gameplay, puzzles, action, or special effects are if the TR series continues with the non-emmersive camera style and movement control style that GOL uses which makes it impossible to properly control character movement.

10th Nov 2010, 21:13
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