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8th Nov 2010, 16:24

first of all sorry for my english, I am writing this to the game developers and I really would be pleased to have a reply by someone of the team.

I'm an italian customer and I've just bought K&L2, while playing the offline co-op mode I ran into the freeze issue (PS slim with latest firmware).

Could you please confirm to me that you are working on some kind of fix?
I see that there are other customers complaining about the issue (latest request were in september if I'm not wrong) but no patch has been released during those last two months.

I hope to ear something from you, just because here in italy the game plus the DLC is about 85$ (70€) which is not cheap, and I bought it just to play co-op.

best regards,

Thank you

joe the janitor
10th Nov 2010, 03:42
I thought they patched this quite a while ago. Maybe it wasn't international?

10th Nov 2010, 13:44
I thought they patched this quite a while ago. Maybe it wasn't international?

Hi, I downloaded the only one patch available (and after that the additional maps and weapons DLC) on the PSN before starting the co-op campaign so if they fixed it it should work :(

10th Nov 2010, 14:26
So, after 2 days nobody from eidos/square enix read the topic?
Aren't there any moderators?
Do I have to sell the game?
Can I be refounded for the faulty product I bought?
Is this normal for you?


You've lost this customer and be sure, I'll not suggest to anybody to buy EIDOS/SQUARE ENIX products.

CONGRATULATIONS and as Depeche Mode say "enjoy the silence"

joe the janitor
28th Nov 2010, 05:20
Hehe.... ya