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8th Nov 2010, 09:11
http://i44.photobucket.com/albums/f15/cranberi2003/tombraider.gif if they would add hand to hand combat, cover mode, and take out those big spiders and nagas and add alot more human enemies it would be alot better. and i think they should compete with uncharted . honestly i think they should collabrate with sony computer entertainment as their publishers because it seems like they are falling off slowly

8th Nov 2010, 17:48
i agree..but tr now is an xbox thing obviously! always favouring that console and they getting everything..they just can't work on ps3 because it's not easy to reach even it's 50% of power so it's useless..they work on xbox for tr 3 years now..it's much easier creating a game for xbox than ps3 because of many things! ex. dvd discs can have up to 7 gb or 4 gb of memory..ps3's blue ray discs up to 25 gb or 50 gb..meaning much more work! ps3 can have various fps but xbox is locked on 30..ps3 can reach 120 fps..that's damn hard! example tekken 6..on ps3 it's 60 fps but on xbox 30. that's just that the beginning i can go for more typing but im bored

8th Nov 2010, 21:31
Well Sony wouldn't take on Tomb Raider again... heck they don't need to. They have naughty Dog who are more than capable of giving gamers a solid action/adventure game that at times even rivals Indiana Jones (the great adventurer).

Tomb Raider has a a lot to learn if it intends to do better in it's sales, especially when you compare it to franchises which have been running for around the same time (Resident Evil) and even ones that have been going even before TR was thought about (Metal Gear).

As for PS3, it's laziness to be honest with you, on the part of the developers. Granted, Crystal haven't been working with PS3 as long as Naughty Dog as obviously thats the only console they focus on but they've spent enormous amounts of time learning and understanding it and regardless of weather you like Naughty Dogs games, it's paid off. Just like developers who work for the 360, some of those games show that there in depth understanding of it has paid off.

I believe TR should be created with multiple gamers in mind. If you love action you can stick to a linear path, if you like exploration and less action you can take routes which are open and go around ambushes and the likes. Something MGS 4 did with greatness.

9th Nov 2010, 08:37
agreed on the part about uc2 and on that about sony and tr..but if cd work that much on ps3 then i can't explain their failure with underworld! and did u knew that underworld sold more copies on the ps3 version than all the rest versions? and that's how cd reward us? giving everything again on xbox!

17th Nov 2010, 22:20
That would be so cool if her and Nat from Uncharted teamed up!!!!!