View Full Version : blood omnicide kain model

1st Nov 2010, 16:06
i got a partially done model of kain on my pc modeled with wings3d if you want it guys, i can export it to loads of formats inc. 3ds but be warned its heavy on the polygons and its not perfect:hmm:

1st Nov 2010, 20:25
Can u just show a picture of it

1st Nov 2010, 21:07
I'd love to see good quality pics of Kain.

2nd Nov 2010, 10:00
might be a wait for that as im only able to access the net from work and net cafes so this weekend should be when i upload it

till then ill try to work on it a bit more on it:)

2nd Nov 2010, 18:05
Awesome. If you wouldn't mind, I could use the .3ds for a [cancelled due to lack of character modelling skills go figure] LoK fangame.

Now, you said it was Blood Omnicide's model, correct? If it is, then it's already complete, and wouldn't be polygon-heavy.

4th Nov 2010, 23:46
i thought they hadnt cust the last video i saw of omnicide had kain lookin a little spriteish well anyways heres a screen cap
the colours are not textures btw its just like a highlight colour and ignore the crappy head and hands cus there just to sinal where theyre going to be placed when i get round to moddeling them

src: http://i53.tinypic.com/1183thl.png

5th Nov 2010, 08:03
...ok..I reeeally gotta start workin on mah 3D...^__^

5th Nov 2010, 10:26
i only got somewhat ok because of wings3d's easy interface, i never quite got the hang of 3dsmax cus it just seemed too complex but think imma give it a go this weekend cus its been 3 years now and i think im a little better for it :)

6th Nov 2010, 23:35
its just i keep seeing everyone doing stuff i am supposed to be doing...so yeah i gotta get back to mah projects again!

i am going to be using a mix of 3DSMAX and Zbrush for my models.