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29th Oct 2010, 11:31
Here you go:


CGR Undertow presents even more footage from the Square Enix booth at the 2010 New York Comic Con (NYCC). Classic Game Room's Ray talks with Kyle Stallock, Community Manager from Eidos Montreal, about DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION. This role-playing game/RPG will be released in early 2011 for the PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 3 (PS3) and Xbox 360 gaming systems. Stay tuned for more NYCC footage and make sure to check out some of the previous videos from Ray's trip to NYCC at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on the CGR Undertow channel!

29th Oct 2010, 11:41
Cool clothes, Kyle o.O

Someone commented down there:

22 hours ago
kyle looks like some cheep porn actor from the 70's


I'm glad to hear everything that he said, specially about the Deus Ex bibles and the connections between the games, apparently they really know the old game and are doing it just like it should be done.

I think this game will kick***.

Nice one, Kyle!

29th Oct 2010, 11:49
I think this game will kick***.

I'm with you here. :thumb:

29th Oct 2010, 12:21
I'm glad to hear everything that he said

Dude, he said nothing new.

29th Oct 2010, 14:15
Something official soon regarding release date, thats good to hear.

29th Oct 2010, 18:51
Dude, he said nothing new.

... but it was good to see Kyle in action. :cool:

29th Oct 2010, 18:54
Dude, he said nothing new.

This time I'm going to listen to the lizard, and skip this one. (I'd assumed it would be nothing new anyway, glad I have I_I to confirm for me though!)

29th Oct 2010, 18:54
Someone called him a cheap porn actor.

That aint new for you?


29th Oct 2010, 20:07
DeuSex Nights Vol 3

29th Oct 2010, 20:08
2052, Kyle... *sharpens knife"

29th Oct 2010, 21:25
Dude, he said nothing new.


29th Oct 2010, 22:52
Someone called him a cheap porn actor.

That aint new for you?


An absolute compliment, especially considering I intentionally shaved my facial hair into a convention 'stache.

Oh, and thanks for the compliments on the clothes. I was hoping to go shopping for more while I'm in Paris but I'm doing like 15 presentations a day. :( BLAAAAAAAR.

30th Oct 2010, 07:47
So, Coyot... it means we will never hear that amazing loud laugh of JF Dugas anymore in interviews?

We want this laugh to be easter-egged to the DXHR!! :D

30th Oct 2010, 08:01
Dugas will surely be there at the wrap party. :cool: