View Full Version : AHHH! Mega Glitch!

27th Oct 2010, 09:19
Well, in Toxic Swamp in the 1st Challenge tomb, when i set off the toxic bulbs with the rock (accidentally) Lara falls through the floor!!!!!!!!! :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!-splat" (music slows...)is what u hear then it loads again so i try again and it happens!!!! :eek: Any help plz?! I really think that i'm never gonna get very far cuz i'm trying to get every relic through the first playthrough so... Yeah, i'm hoping u can tell me how to fix stop it.


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30th Oct 2010, 11:54
humm yeah...and in the same sort of things...i find another one very unfair too....

In the Pont Pivotant (sorry i don't know the names in english) Bridge something else like that....

In the first room who you must go upstairs to get out....they are a big monster with shield and skeletons etc etc you see?? there is a lever who create a passage to go upstairs...

So there in the left corner to the lever if you do a roll with caré or X on Xbox360....Lara will fall under the ground! it's true! when you try to reach a high score it's frustrating but i keep my mind! hahaha now i don't make the same mistake

3rd Nov 2010, 22:24
Ooo, nasty glitch! I got there and had the same! I gave up on Level 6 chal tomb but i am still searching for answers so i can go back!