View Full Version : Extremely irritating stuttering

24th Oct 2010, 17:00
So I'm having the infamous sound stuttering problem. Running Windows 7 Pro, but unfortunately on a pretty low-end system (my GPU is an ATI Radeon x1600). However, the game runs very smoothly on low settings - graphics and so forth are fine, with very few noticeable drops in framerate.

The real problem is the sound. It stutters whenever there's dialog, and crackles in the background constantly. I have an IDT sound card (I believe, since that's what shows up in Device Manager) and I can't use the BmEngine.ini edits that have been described (changing MaxChannels to 32 and disabling sound filters) as they cause the game to crash.

I've got no idea what's causing this; it doesn't happen in any other Unreal engine games (or other games period) and my system meets the requirements. I'm using the GOTY edition (just got it on Steam) so I don't need the 1.1 patch.

Any suggestions?