View Full Version : Toxic Swamp Challange Tomb 1

16th Oct 2010, 21:44
Can anyone tell me how to do Chall tomb 1 in toxic swamp? I don't know how to get the ball onto the above ledge. I've tried bombs for 2 hours! Can someone tell me plz?

16th Oct 2010, 22:29
FIRST CHALLENGE TOMB: Inside, drop down into the lower area on the right. Use a bomb to dismantle the rolling ball trap, just as you did in the Spider Tomb. Carefully roll the big ball between the pods on the left side of the room. Push it into the area surrounded by the 3 poisonous pods clustered together and then quickly move out of the way. When the pods explode, they catapult the ball onto the ledge above. Push it across the upper room and into the fire pit to block the flames. Then hop over it and retrieve some gems and a Stone Feather Artifact (- bomb, + speed).

If you get stuck again, use Stella's great walkthrough (http://tombraiders.net/stella/guardian.html)!! ;) :D

16th Oct 2010, 22:35
Adding screenshots to that level soon...later today, I hope. :)

17th Oct 2010, 11:57
:D Hey, thanks guys!
I'll be sure to try that! :D