View Full Version : Should i play Just cause 1 and 2?

15th Oct 2010, 02:28
Hi guys!

Some of you may know me from community chat, but just in case you dont I'm from the Arkham forum. (First time posting on this forum) I'm asking you guys about this game and if it's worth picking up.

Could you guys convince me?

15th Oct 2010, 08:21
I'd say play JC2. JC1 is too old now. JC2 is worthy, very funny with lots of action and an incredibly big scenario. I myself have complained about some aspects like the lack of stuff to do or the black market, but that's because a good game could have been great. It's really fun anyway

13th Nov 2010, 21:13
I say both, they're both wicked. JC1's map is huge and there are loads of side missions to do and provinces to liberate.

JC2 is equally awesome and has lots of DLC

16th Nov 2010, 04:10
Thanks guys. My favorite game reviewer (Stan Burdman on YouTube) gave it a good review so I picked up JC1 yesterday from Gamestop. I wanted to familiarize myself with the story first. Once I finish Dead Rising 2 (awesome game highly recommended) I'll start,

Kam Solastor
16th Nov 2010, 14:30
Personally, I'd say just play Just Cause 2. Admittedly, I never played Just Cause 1, but I played the demo and wasn't really impressed. JC2, on the other hand, feels like a much better game.

11th Dec 2010, 02:45
I played the JC1 demo, it was awesume. But personally i wouldn't bother with the first one i think JC2 is fine on it's own without having played the first game.

21st Jun 2012, 23:01
Yes you should absolutely. Get prepared for Just Cause 3

19th Jan 2013, 22:05
i'd say just cause 2 its much better in my opinion.

12th Oct 2013, 15:58
If u have the time hit both. They r definitely imho the best offerings in 'sandbox'. ( I luv crackdown 1 and 2 also) #1 may not look as uptodate but like its succesor is a boatload of fun.
Either one u choose will be a great selection. Hope u enjoy!
(Addendum.......cant use grappler for climbing in #1)