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14th Oct 2010, 05:57
Ok after reading so many problems with the game i decided to create one thread for bug and glitch reports..so feel free to report your own..a link with a video or a screenshot would be appreciated..one thread for all bugs and glitches..let's have only one to make it easier for eidos to know all the problems..or most of them..gol is a very good game..let's team up and make it better

15th Oct 2010, 14:12
This entire board is the official, i.e. created by Eidos, place to report bugs :)

20th Oct 2010, 07:24
ok my first bug! i was playing co op yesterday with a friend at my home and we were at the toxic swamp in the labyrinth part where you have to shoot the door's things that holding the gate..we were stepping on the platforms but the doors between us and the door's things didn't go down to let us shoot..and my friend had to spear the wall to give me some height to be able to shoot..
same thing happen in the 3rd room that u were supposed to shoot the blocked doors but the platform between us and the blocked doors wouldn't go down by pulling the those cylinders..he had to give me some height again with a spear. too good we didn't had to replay the level..

and something to say just for fun not that it will happen.. eidos please fix the countless problems with this game..now we can laugh

30th Oct 2010, 11:55
I agree and the worst is it's without to want it! I imagine one person who want provoc bugs without problems! same thing for the cheated leaderboards

Chris Fraser
20th Dec 2010, 19:00
LC&GoL crashes out back to home system after first level on iPad (single player). It gets to the cut scene and during the movie it crashes. I've gone back many times and same result every time.

23rd Dec 2010, 10:20
Not sure whether this is an issue - but recently (probably after 1.03 patch), i can't find any games in the lobby at all. Anybody else can relate to this? Everybody (there were only a few players to begin with) suddenly stopped playing? Did they introduce regional locks in 1.03 update?

26th Aug 2012, 15:54
Well, since I read that this is the offical bugs thread, I'll repost what I just placed on another thread.

I'm a Steam player of the game and managed to play coop online some time ago with success. Were trying to play just yesterday and had a "Other player left" problem every time I tried to start an online game. It goes like this: someone create the session, public or private, you join the session, one of the players is kicked out whatsoever directly on the lobby, making impossible to play. I've checked the files integrity on Steam and all, but the problem was not solved.

What just happened with the game all of a sudden that we can't play online anymore? Could Eidos look and re-patch the game, since they were planning to launch a Chrome version of LC:GOL?

Thanks in advance.