View Full Version : Does GOL support PS3 Move controller?

13th Oct 2010, 23:35
Need to buy a need controller and looking at the move anyway.


14th Oct 2010, 00:34
im sorry..its a no

9th Nov 2010, 02:35
if it do it'll probloy be corney

10th Nov 2010, 22:56
I doubt it, though don't be surprised to see motion controls integrated into the next game, weather it be a spin off or pillar release.:)

Nipped into one of the local games and was shocked at how many people were buying either a 360 with Kinect or just Kinect on it's own. There's no denying were current gaming is going.

As for games that allow Move, the only ones I know of are Resident Evil 5 and Heavy Rain (which I've been told lends itself brilliantly considering HR's control scheme and gameplay mechanics).

Though I'm positive GOL would have sold more if they'd had Move compatibility, new technology lack of supporting games, that kinda thing.