View Full Version : Problems with saving coop progress

10th Oct 2010, 17:47
I'm playing coop on Xtreme (online) and it doesn't register the chapters as completed. I'm getting the trophies for beating the level, but in the Chapter selection, it shows them as incomplete.

I have beaten the 2nd level TWICE and the 3rd level once and only the 1st chapter shows as beaten on coop. Any suggestions?

joe the janitor
28th Nov 2010, 05:21
Hmm.... Have you tried seeing if your disk is scratched?

9th Jan 2011, 23:08
Well, I'm in exactly the same position.

Had a couple of sessions with a friend online via the Xbox. The first we got up to chapter 4 and I got the co-op achievement. Second time we got up to chapter 7, but no achievement for 5 levels. I checked and it said I hadn't done the first 3 chapters. So we played them again and I got the achievemet that time.

Today we played the boatyard mission, which I reckon the first room is the toughest in the whole game. When we finished I checked the completed levels and that was the only one marked as complete, despite me playing the whole game in single player on easy previously. I shut the game down and restarted and this time my progress had all returned apart from todays boatyard mission.

So you're not alone in this, but I doubt we'll get a solution.