View Full Version : Blood Omen - Speed Issue?

10th Oct 2010, 14:15
I was digging through a box of some of my old stuff that was put into storage, and I stumbled apon this classic. The last time I played this game was when Windows XP was the hot new OS, so I was pretty excited to play it again. It didn't work right out of the case, so I did the research and installed all the necessary patches and updates, including the cubanraul patch and the bink patch to make the movies work.

Game works like a charm, well mostly anyway. There's only 2 issues I'm faced with now.
1.) This one isn't that big of a deal, but the mouse cursor is distorted during the menus. I noticed it was mentioned on cubanraul's site but it's crossed out, so I'm just a bit confused as to whether or not this means it was fixed or only happens to some people.
2.) The second issue is, the game seems to run somewhat slow. Kain seems to walk and attack slower than I remember, but the music and sound effects are perfect.

Is there anyway I can get the game to run just a little bit faster? I can live with the cursor glitches, but I'd really like to know if this is normal. My friend has the PSX version, so I decided to see if the speeds matched. The playstation version seems to run just a tad faster.

13th Oct 2010, 07:04
Test the trainer from this article (http://www.nosgothica.org/index.php?id=files_eng) - option 'Boost'... ;)

(It is info from this thread (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?p=1265118).)