View Full Version : Error redeeming beta key, help?

7th Apr 2014, 20:13
I got a beta key for Nosgoth and when I entered it in it told me the key was valid. It then led me through the process of making a Nosgoth/Square Enix account. At the end of the step it asked me to link my steam and Nosgoth/Square Enix account together, but it gave this error


Please wait and try again. If you continue to experience this error then please contact our customer service who will be able to help diagnose the problem.


I tried clearing my cache, I waited a few days, and now i'm just not sure what to do. Everytime I go to the 'redeem your key' for Nosgoth I get this error, can anyone help?

8th Apr 2014, 09:01
Sorry to hear you're having issues with getting your accounts linked...

May I ask are you trying to Link it via the Nosogth website? If so maybe try via the forum instead. Please make sure you have signed out before hand cleared your cache (again) and then signed back in.

You can link your account via the forum by clicking the little down arrow next to your name in the top right hand corner of the page, select User Settings, Linked Accounts, and hit the Link button next to Steam (if it’s already linked it’ll show an Unlink option).

Then try accessing the game page again. If this fails, it is best to go through/chase the SE Support Centre, as there maybe a problem somewhere that’s affecting your account.

(sorry if this is duplicating what you've already done but the link wouldn't work for me).