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7th Oct 2010, 21:29
Okies aint had my xbox on for around 2 years, picked up pacific 4 weeks ago, and must admit that yes it is stunning yes it is addictive, yes i love strategy but no i hate auto aim WTF is that about there is no skill now in shooting. saying that tho I can still increase my Battleship artillery to 2.1 miles using Midway tactics. I hate the fact that people think they can play games like this without a microphone or communication !!!! so So SO SO infuriating, so I apologise inadvance that if you are in a room with me or u see me leave a room it is beacuse I refuse to play without communication This game like midway needs teamwork.

i am also apologising in advance for not playing games with some of the fleet admirals not mentioning names, but using jets against weaker players is a bit of a cowardly and childish and NOOBI tactic.

I aim to clock this game without the need for BOOSTING, but I can understand y some people want to it is their own preference, tho i must admit that in the few weeks that i have been back online (3 to be exact) i seem to be ranking up ok yes am still around 600000 short of Lieutenant, but its gr8 fun trying to get there.

nearly finished ,lol

Big shout outs going to everyone on my friends list who play pacific and also from my old Midway clan (Monkeyfreak awesome player, Fuzzylightning legend with aircraft,JeffCursed,Geospot,Findizl)

A massaive special thankyou must go to Admiral Slam who is the greatest player of midway there is , without whose help and tactical genius i would have been an average player. Those who doubt it go seek him out.