View Full Version : Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light in TPP

7th Oct 2010, 13:02
Is anyone interested how GoL would look like in TPP?
Well, if you can't imagine it, here's a screenshot I took today in the Forgotten Gate. ;)


What do you think?

8th Oct 2010, 06:27
ok ok..ttp again meaning?

8th Oct 2010, 08:49
Looking at the screenshot I'd say Third Person Perspective.

8th Oct 2010, 11:24
Wow, cool!! Thanks for sharing, Chris!! ;) :D

8th Oct 2010, 16:20
Pretty interesting.

You should take screens of other areas like this to show the complainers how TPP won't work in this game (not built for it: that giant empty brown space)

8th Oct 2010, 17:02
looks great at this point!

9th Oct 2010, 20:37
I'm definitely interested in seeing more tpp pics. But zoomed-in like TRU this time...:)

10th Oct 2010, 04:27
we all can keep dreaming for that angle but the game would be much better with this angle

10th Oct 2010, 10:32
Nope. It looks pretty boring in this angle so I much prefer the camera angle we've got. It fixes the thousands of problems the camera is always plagued with in a 'pillar' games, so why you'd want to have the buggy and jittery camera, I have no idea.:scratch:

Each to their own.

Besides, I think I actually prefer GOL to the pillar games, which I don't know if that was supposed to happen, but from all the technical issues that come with a TR game, GOL is the only TR game I've played and had fun... honestly, I rarely got that feeling from the classics even.:)

10th Oct 2010, 11:42
Nope. It looks pretty boring in this angle so I much prefer the camera angle we've got.

Ye I agree I think that the camera that we have suits the game.

But great pic.

10th Oct 2010, 12:32
You've changed the camera, can you change the fog distance too? :cool:

10th Oct 2010, 12:39
Some of you seem to overestimate my skills. :D
I didn't change the camera angle. Something like this happened by itself only in this particular level. My reaction was fast enough to take a screenshot. :) I decided to share it with you guys because I think that it looks pretty interesting. However, I absolutely agree with Ants that if CD used the standard camera angle it would be boring. The isometric camera suits perfectly for a game like GoL.

11th Oct 2010, 22:51
i still think it's good any camera angle it got