View Full Version : Hey MxO, remember that picture I was drawing of you?

5th Oct 2010, 23:25
I still haven't done it. But you can pretend that the ginger pointing the gun is you.


This was an experiment in blood effects, rain effects, perspective, and posing. Personally, I don't think it's bad for an OMFG ANIME ARTIST

There's a lot of rain in this picture. I suppose you could say the scene was set in HEAVY RAIN



6th Oct 2010, 12:03
Oh i see what you did there Slash...hidden detail on MxO's ear...it's an elf ear! so MxO is actually a Leprechaun!

MxO approves: http://img707.imageshack.us/i/20070522leprechaun.gif/

6th Oct 2010, 19:29
Im the ginger link.

win pic is win. my turn to draw summin. havent,drawn properly in 3 years

6th Oct 2010, 19:40
Wait, don't give the leprechaun a baton! He'll only make Leprechaun 7.