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5th Oct 2010, 10:58
I downloaded the game from here http://www.*************/177960-lara-croft-and-the-guardian-of-light-v1.00-full.html

When I want to install the game it starts to install and at the end it shows me this: Windows cannot find 'Install.exe'.make sure you typed the name correctly,and then try again.To search for a file,click the Start button, and then click Search.

Pls help

5th Oct 2010, 11:12
Hi!!! Are you kidding? Sharing a link for a pirate download of the game?!?!? Do you know that the mods will probably ban you for this? We can't help you because it's an illegal version of the game. C'mon, dude, pay $20 for the game, it's not much! You'll love the game.

5th Oct 2010, 12:03
Here where I live for $20 I can buy 10 games cuz we have no law for computer and video games.Everything is legal.

But thanx anyway

5th Oct 2010, 13:33
Pls help
You do not really expect to get support from this forum, do you?