View Full Version : Would love to see this game released on the PSP

3rd Oct 2010, 21:51
I know there is a piracy issue on the PSP but after you've completed the online co-op for the PC and the home consoles. I would love to be able to play this game on the go on my PSP. I have every Tomb Raider game for my PSP but this title lends itself to being handheld. I hope that there are considerations to putting this on the PSP after or before the online co-op is finished for the consoles.

Thanks and Great game.

3rd Oct 2010, 22:06
Sounds like a great idea IMO, I'd totally buy it if it were available. :)

4th Oct 2010, 06:53
I like the idea and its something I wondered when they first announced it. So yeah, great idea my friend.

I bought the PS3 version last week and only been on the first two levels and have no plans to carry on the game yet. I never seem to be at home anymore, early starts and late finishes.;) So my PSP is the way to go. I'd prefer it on PSP.

4th Oct 2010, 10:11
And for 3DS!

4th Oct 2010, 18:53
I Have a psp aswell as my ps3 but i never really use my psp but if GOL did come 4 psp then my psp would come in great use Lol. Id never be of it. x

5th Oct 2010, 01:04
Do people still play PSP?
Just kidding, although I wouldn't be surprised if that Marcus kid got rid of the fan base. Seriously, those adds are annoying and irritating.

I guess it'd be cool. But Lara would be like an itty bitty speck on the screen.