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3rd Oct 2010, 21:38
I play TR on my pc but I can't change my weapon
I use my keyboard
I'm now in Temple grounds and all I can fire is the spear
I can change the weapon but all ihave is the spear

Who can help
greetz Harry

3rd Oct 2010, 22:03
I think you have to equip the weapons first, through the inventory screen. Assuming you're playing single player, you should also have the Handguns equipped from start though.

3rd Oct 2010, 22:25
thats the pain
I'm playing as single player
all i have is a spear
I can find the page where i cn change the weapon but i do not know whitch keys i have to use
I found a solution from Stella but my englisch is not so good
I'm Dutch
I can find the inventory but what to do then

4th Oct 2010, 22:07
If it works the same way as it does on PS3, you should see a four way icon to the right with the Spear at the top, like this:


Click any of the three boxes below it and you'll see all weapons you have collected so far, just select one of them and it will be equipped. You can equip up to three secondary weapons, but I'm not sure how you select them in game on the PC version.

4th Oct 2010, 22:13
thanks for the reaction but sofar i know it
It's from there that i'm lost
I have the handguns and the assault rifle in those boxes